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Soft Rubber Walking Stick for Arthritis

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Improve your balance and stability by equipping yourself with this walking stick! This soft grip T-handle walking stick has a soft coloured grip which makes it very comfortable to hold and great for people with hand or forearm issues such as arthritis. This lightweight cane is height-adjustable with a rubber end and a large ferrule for excellent grip.

Walking sticks Australia provides this great walking stick product that will bring you all the great benefits they come with when you take a great day stroll or even just going to and fro places.

  • Soft grip handle;
  • Arthritis friendly;
  • Five (5) height adjustment settings;
  • Rubber foot to prevent from slipping;
  • Classy designs made of high quality materials; and
  • Available in different colours.

Condition — Brand New, Unopened, Unused, High Quality Item
Material — Aluminum with Rubber Handle
Length Adjustment — 69.5cm to 93cm
Weight Capacity — 110kg
Overall Weight — 350g
Color — Multi-Colours
Type — Soft Handle Walking Stick


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